Port Huron Chess Club Championship – Rd 1

The Port Huron CC Championship began last Thursday. I was paired with the 2nd lowest seed, G. Jones from the other side of the Blue Water Bridge (that’s Canada for those not from the east side of Michigan). He is a quiet member (probably the quietest, actually!) of the Port Huron chess club and genuinely a nice guy. This was my 3rd time playing against Mr. Jones. He actually beat me at last year’s championship. I came into this game with a chip on my shoulder. I wanted to beat him like he stole something!

I had Black in our game that quickly turned into a strange Dutch as he played Nc3 without first playing c4, and definitely outside of the normal book lines in the early Nc3 Dutch.

In this position, White played 5. Bh4 instead of the normal 5.Bxf6 or 5.Bf4. So after 5…g5, I won a piece for 2 pawns.

Later in the game, I had the following position:

I had just played Qf4 to prevent white from playing 22.f3. He missed my threat. After 22.f3?? Qxg3! 23.hxg3 Rxh1 and mates. Instead of resigning, my opponent played on in a hopeless position for another 7 moves before resigning.

Other games in the 1st round were:

Wingrove (1614)-Gregg (1941) 0-1

Lahr (1812)-Morobito (1860) 1-0

Rutkofske (1859) – bye

I’ll play F. Lahr with the white pieces in round 2 next Thursday.

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